During this in depth interview, Teddy talks about some of the recent fights that have taken place in boxing, giving his views on Lucas Matthysse’s recent win, future fight options for Matthysse and thoughts on the other fighters at light welterweight. Atlas also comments on the heavyweight title picture, his past involvement with heavyweight Alexander Povetkin, and how he sees a Klitschko fight playing out. Additionally Teddy discussed Manny Pacquiao’s future and how he sees him coming back against Brandon Rios.

Besides talking about the boxing landscape, Teddy Atlas also spoke of his work with his charity, The Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation. He talked about the goals of the organization, reasons why he started it and also discussed some of the other programs he’s involved in that are helping out the community.

Be sure to listen to this edition of “On The Ropes” as you will get a chance to hear Teddy Atlas speak candidly, without time restrictions, breaking down upcoming bouts only as he can do it and giving his uncensored option on some of boxing’s problems today, that includes bad judging and the corruption the seems to plague this sport more than any other. Just click play on the green player to hear everything Teddy had to say.

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