It has been just over a week since boxing fans were treated once again to a terrific fight from Mike Alvarado and Brandon Rios. With the result of the fight now settling in for both fighters and with myself having had a chance to speak to Brandon Rios, there was only one piece of business left unfinished, and that was to get Mike Alvarado’s take on things. In this special “On The Ropes” interview, I had had a chance to speak to Mike Alvarado and get his in depth views on his recent fight. Besides going into detail on the match, Mike also touched on a possible trilogy fight with Rios and what options he sees out there for himself if he has to fight someone different next time out. Additionally Alvarado talked about what his dream fight would be, a possible Manny Pacquiao fight and how fans compare his fights with Rios, to that of Gatti and Ward. Here is what Mike had to say.

JENNA J:Mike, fans are still talking about the fight that you had last week with Brandon Rios. Can you tell me your thoughts on the rematch you had now that you had some time to think about it.

MIKE ALVARADO:It was a very entertaining action packed fight. I knew it was going to be a great fight, I knew I was getting myself into another war with Brandon. I have a lot of different skills that I implemented for this fight, which worked out really good for myself. I boxed well, I fought when I wanted to. I did not have to fight the whole time, like I did the last fight. I switched my game plan up a lot, and bringing Rudy Hernandez into my camp helped me bring in different skills to the table. It was a good camp and I was happy with the good performance I put on. Meanwhile, i will recommand you to have a look at www.casinolariviera.net/ in order to learn more about gaining money online.

JENNA:Can you talk about the action of the fight. After an even first round, you found yourself getting hurt in the second. Can you tell me what was going on in you head during that round?

ALVARADO:It was a flash hurt, when he hurt me. I was real quick, it was fast. I wobbled for a quick second, he shook me up for a quick second, but I got my head back pretty quick after that. I knew if he did not knock me out then, that he could not hurt me again, which he never did. He hurt me that one time and that was it. I felt his shots but I was smart enough to brace myself, to get away from those big shots. I just felt good going into that fight, so I just stuck with my game plan and I overcame Brandon’s style, I overcame his punches, I overcame a lot. Just sticking to my game plan I showed that focus, showed my boxing ability, showed that I could fight another way, not just slugging in the fight the whole time, I showed I could box as well.

JENNA:You certainly did stick to your game plan, and actually surprised a lot of people going out in that third round, as you ended up hurting Rios the round after you got hurt. How hurt do you think you had him?

ALVARADO:I had him hurt, I thought I was going to get him out for a second there. I really could not get it past that, Brandon is warrior and fought a lot past that before. I felt the punches I landed on him, I know he felt my power, I know he went through a lot in the last fight. So I knew it was not going to be that easy, I went in for the kill, I tried. I hurt him a lot, he felt it this time. My game plan was superb this time. If you want to get some cash, here is the site i urgely suggest you to visit https://www.lecasinoenligne.io/.

JENNA:What was it like trying to stick to your game plan, but also dealing with the cuts that you got early on?

ALVARADO:I was just so focused on that game plan I did not even realize that I was cut. I did not even realize I had those two gashes over my eyes, I had no idea. My corner was just giving me the instructions and I was just so focused on the instructions they were giving me to win that fight and not get caught with those excruciating shots that would hurt me and cost me the fight. I was on my game that night.

JENNA:Going into the final rounds, how close did you think the fight was and did you think you have to secure that round in order to win the fight?

ALVARADO:I knew I had to win the last few rounds to seal the deal in that fight, I knew it was a real close fight. I did not want to leave it up to the judges on a split decision. I knew I was winning, I knew I ahead on the scorecards, and I just wanted to stay ahead on the scorecards and seal the deal.

Lets talk about what’s next for you. Brandon Rios said he wanted a third fight, but do you want it?

ALVARADO:If it happens I’m willing to give him a shot, to be fair about it. If they want that fight, if the fans want it and if Top Rank wants to make it, I’m all for it. It’s a great fight, the fans loved it, it was very entertaining, it was action packed. It was a good fight for me, it made me that much better and stronger, a smarter fighter and if we have to do it again, I’m ready to do it again. I have the book to beat Brandon, I have the skills, I have the blueprint to this fight, so if he comes at me again, I’m just going to box him again, but even better! I will fight him when I feel like fighting him. When I do fight I feel I can beat him at his own game, but I don’t have to fight him at his own game, I will beat him at my own game. If it happens, I will be ready for it.

JENNA:Well Mike, I’m gonna ask you a question that I also asked Brandon. I asked him about the 140 pound division, I said it’s one of the most talent rich divisions in boxing but there’s one problem, a lot of that talent is with a different promoter than the one either of you guys are with. Do you think there are certain fights out there that you would love to see yourself in but you unfortunately can’t have them because of promotional issues?

ALVARADO:Yeah that’s pretty irritating, knowing that there’s still another champion out there in my same division. I don’t see why they wouldn’t negotiate on letting fighters fight for a championship belt, to see who the real champion is in that division. There’s Garcia, Matthysse, Judah and all those other guys, it would be awesome. I would love to fight those guys but Top Rank and Goldenboy really aren’t negotiating on fights with each other so it gives us the short end of the stick to do what we have to do to maintain on our own division. I don’t let it bring me down though, I’m still on top of my game and I’m still gonna beat the best. It would be great to fight one of the top fighters at 140.

JENNA:Well Mike if you had your choice of any fighter out there that you could fight between 140 lbs. and 147, one guy out there who you would love to see yourself in the ring with, who would it be?

ALVARADO:I would say Juan Manuel Marquez.

JENNA:Alright Juan Manuel Marquez, why?

ALVARADO:Marquez because he’s the champion to beat. He’s the one with the crown. He had the belts that I’m currently holding, the WBO. He has the 147 lbs. crown, he knocked out Pacquiao, so I believe that’s the dream fight for me in my position right now. Him and maybe Mayweather, that’s one of the biggest fights I could ever ask for.

JENNA:Alright well Mike you mentioned Juan Manuel Marquez, but I’ve actually seen your name tossed around with a fighter that he beat, Manny Pacquiao. Would you at all be interested in fighting Pacquiao if that opportunity presented itself?

Oh definitely that too, that’s a big money payday, it’s a big fight. I think he’s up on the wins on Marquez anyways but anyone of those fights, those are all championship fights, they’re all big fights and I wouldn’t pass any of those up.

JENNA:Mike, one of the fights you’ve had with Brandon Rios, people are starting to drop comparisons to Gatti/Ward judging on the action of the first two fights. What do you think of the comparisons the fans are drawing?

ALVARADO:That’s amazing, to be brought up and labeled as that kind of fighter who has those types of classic fights. That’s motivation to me to have fights that people remember. It’s gonna motivate me that much more to put on fights like that, knowing I’m doing something in this sport, knowing I’m opening the eyes of the whole world to see an entertaining fighter like myself.

JENNA:Mike, a lot of people are wondering when they’re going to see you back in the ring, obviously you sustained a few cuts over your eyes, how soon do you see yourself getting back in there?

Alvarado: Within another 4-5 months, maybe by August or September I’d be back in the ring.

JENNA:Ok, well when I talked to Brandon Rios I asked him if he could say anything to you at all what would he say, and he said “you know what, lets have a third fight, I don’t care where I have to go, I don’t care where it is, I wanna have the third fight” So I ask you that same question, if you could say anything to Brandon Rios what would you say to him?

ALVARADO:I would tell him that it was fair that he gave me a shot and I would be willing to give him a shot. I don’t call the shots, I’m not gonna say that this is the fight that has to happen but I’m willing for it. I think it will happen regardless. If the people want it then lets do it again.

JENNA:Ok, and speaking of the people, the boxing fans and everyone who enjoyed your fight, is there a message you would like to pass along to them?

ALVARADO:I just want to thank all the fans and everybody who supports me and tunes in on Mike Alvarado fights, I want to thank everybody.


During the 188th edition of “On The Ropes” boxing radio, I had a chance to catch up with Brandon Rios do discuss the fight in detail and get his view on a possible rematch. Brandon also gave his thoughts on dealing with his first professional loss and talked about what things he can improve on when he returns to the ring. Additionally Rios gave his views on the upcoming Nonito Donaire vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux bout and much more! Here is what Brandon has say.

JENNA:Brandon you once again had a great fight with Mike Alvarado, this time with you coming up a little bit short when it came to the score cards. How do you feel about the fight?

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RIOS:I feel good, I feel great, it just sucks, the fact that I thought I won the fight. I watched it over and over again, I already saw it 3-4 times and scored it 7 rounds to 5. I gave myself 7 rounds, he won 5. But some of the rounds were so close, so I would of gave it a draw, but at the end of the day the judges did their job. Mike went out and did his job, so I can’t take anything away from him.

JENNA:You said that you reviewed the fight, when you look at the second round that you had him hurt in, did you see anything you could have done differently to maybe end the fight in that round?

Get on him, and throw more punches. I stunned him, I seen it with the jab. I did not throw as many punches, and I should of pursued him a little more. It’s a learning experience, and hopefully we do it again and it will be a different story.

JENNA:Did you think you noticed a chance in momentum after the round you had him hurt, going into the middle and late rounds?

He did stun me in the third round, I give him that. The third round he did wobble me pretty good. But other then that, he ran. It would be a different story if he boxed me, hit me, and ran. He did not do that, he just ran with his hands up and avoided punches. What can I say about it, I can’t talk that bad about it. He his job, he followed his game plan and I’m ready for a third one actually.

JENNA:How is it like for you dealing with your first professional loss Brandon?

RIOS:At the time, in the ring, it did effect me. I apologize to Mike Alvarado, and everybody out there. I did come off as a sore loser, so I apologize to all the fans that seen that, that’s not me. I take my hat off to Mike Alvarado for winning, I was still amp-ed up going into the interview after the fight, that was my bad. But what helps me right now is my kids, coming home, seeing my kids, it helped me take away all the pain and help prepare me for the next fight. I’m more hungry now, and yesterday I called up Robert and told him I’m ready to fight again. I need that rematch, I need that rematch, that’s all that’s on my mind.

Brandon, have found this fight, and knowing the mistakes you made, what changes do you think we can see from you next time you are in the ring?

RIOS:Honestly, I have a great fucking jab. That’s one thing that I need to work on. My jab, throw my jab more, because when I was throwing my jab I was more affective during the fight. Every time I throw my jab I was effective and that’s when I hurt him. It sets up all my punches, so I have to jab more and throw more punches, and not try and set everything up with a power shot, be more relaxed in the ring. I did great on my defense, I did great on my movement, I cut the ring off great, it’s just the little things I need to work on now.

JENNA:Well all the fans want to see what’s next for you, and even though they would like to see a rematch, Bob Arum has said that he is not likely to do that right away. How disappointed will you be having to wait for another crack at Alvarado?

RIOS:I won’t be disappointed as long as I get back in the ring. I just got so much anger in me that I need to release. I don’t care who it is, as long as I get to fight again. But honestly, I’d love to fight Mike Alvarado again, but it if does not happen, then everything happens for a reason. Hopefully it does, cause I gave him a rematch in 3 months, why can’t he do the same and why can’t Bob Arum do same thing? But we will see what happens.

JENNA: Brandon, I want to get your view on a upcoming fight that is set to take place this weekend and has your trainer stepping back in the ring with his other fighter, Nonito Donaire. How do you see the Donaire vs. Rigondeaux bout going?

RIOS:I’m going for Donaire, cause Donaire is very smart, he’s been in this position already. Rigondeaux is really stepping up, he really has not fought big name opponents like a Donaire. Rigondeaux is smart, don’t get me wrong, he’s fast, he’s got power, but I think it’s going to be a different game, cause he’s still green, he’s not fully there yet.

JENNA:Back to the fight you had with Mike Alvarado. Fans really enjoyed the action your fight brought. How important do you think it is for boxing to have these types of fights for the boxing fans?

RIOS:Well it’s very important, cause fans love to see two guys beat the shit out of each other. They don’t like to see 2 guys that hug and hold and not do nothing. They like to see two guys go in there and fight and beat the shit out of each other, leave themselves open to the other guy, which we did. We leave everything in the ring, we don’t take nothing home so that’s the type of fight fans like to see and think we will do those fights all the time, it’s just our style.

JENNA:Final Question for you Brandon. If you could say anything to Mike Alvarado right now, anything to get him to want to do that third fight with you, what would you say?

RIOS:I gave you a chance to redeem yourself, now give me a chance to redeem myself. We got to make a third one, or we got to even up the score. It’s tied, we got to do a tie breaker, it’s 1 and 1.


Fury also talked about the Klitschko’s and gave his views on whether or not either brother wants to face him. Additionally Tyson discussed the possibility of fighting David Haye and what other fights might be in his future. Here are some of the comments Tyson Fury made during his 20 minute appearance on the show.
Jenna J: You have a big fight coming this weekend against Steve Cunningham, how do you feel about the opportunity?
Tyson Fury: This is a good opportunity especially because its on NBC, and he’s supposed to be a top heavyweight, (Cunningham) one of the best in America, so it’s a good opportunity for me to showcase my skills, go to Madison Square Garden, get my swag on, knock somebody out, and hit the town.
Jenna: What disadvantages do you think Steve Cunningham faces when he steps in the ring against you?
Fury: I’m not too sure really what his disadvantages are really because I’m not Steve Cunningham or his team, but you know, obviously the size factor, but they will be trying to counter that, so obviously I’m bigger, stronger, younger, better looking everything really.He’s disadvantaged on every single element there is, I’ve got more power than him, I’m fresher. It’s an up hill battle for Steve Cunningham all the way really and if he can pull this off he definitely needs five stars.

Jenna: How do you feel about making your debut in the United States for this fight?Fury: I feel good you know, its about time, its been a long time coming, there’s always been different reasons of why and why not too and whatever’s, so I’m really happy that it’s finally happening. I’m glad the USA are getting to see the “Furious One” and I hope they like what they see.Jenna: This fight is for the #2 spot in the IBF, how does it feel to be getting that much closer to a title fight?FURY:It’s good it’s a good feeling to get closer and closer but I’m gonna tell you something, I think I’ll fight Cunningham and then I’ll fight Pulev for the mandatory spot and then I’ll end up fighting for the vacant IBF cuz I know that Wladimir(Klitschko) don’t fancy the job against me, and Ill probably fight whoever’s next in line for the vacant title.


FURY:I believe he’s gonna retire completely whether its the IBF, WBO, WBA, he’s gonna retire. Both of the Klitschko’s will retire before fighting Tyson Fury, that’s a fact. If they do fight me that’s a bonus, but I cant see them doing it to be honest, that’s my personal opinion  I’ll end up fighting for the vacant title guaranteed.


FURY:I think that he doesn’t want to fight me, like I say against Steve Cunningham, he’s got the same problems, I’m big, young, ambitious and you know, I’ve got inside information on him. And you know Emanuel Steward was always in their ears saying Tyson Fury’s gonna take over from you guys, Tyson’s the next man, Tyson’s this, Tyson’s that and they start to believe it you know. Try to visit casinoclic if you are in need of some cash.

He’s getting on, he’s 37 now (Wladimir) and he’s got a job in politics so why mess up a legacy now, why risk it? He’s gonna retire as heavyweight champion I just believe that, maybe he won’t maybe he will, that’s just my personal opinion. I’m not holding my breath for a  Klitschko fight cuz I don’t think there’s gonna be one for some reason or another, I don’t think there will be a fight between me and him.


FURY:I’ve never been offered a fight with a Klitschko. One time I was promised that whoever won out of me and Dereck Chisora, the winner would get a fight versus Wladimir and there was no go there. I won, then Chisora gets a shot at Vitali instead, so as far as I’m concerned I’ve never been offered a shot to fight any of them.


Fury: I’ll tell you why, because the WBC are playing stupid games. First of all I fight an eliminator versus Johnson yeah, WBC official eliminator. Worked my way up to number 3 and then you’ve got Jonathan Banks and Seth Mitchell fighting an eliminator at the same time. You’ve also got Chris Arreola and Bermaine Stiverne fighting a final eliminator. At the same time so you’ve got three people here, six people fighting eliminators and you’ve got the champion holding the belt hostage, he’s not fighting, he’s inactive and they are just doing what they want.

So obviously I cant be waiting around for other people to make decisions and playing with me like I’m on a piece of string like I’m a child, I’m a man you know I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do, if the WBC don’t want to play ball then I’ve got to move on to somebody who does want to play ball.

The IBF have said “win this, we’ll put you number 2 and then you can fight Pulev for the mandatory slot in the IBF,” so I’ve gotta go that route, but I believe I’ve already fought an eliminator, I’ll fight another eliminator here, I’ll fight a final eliminator against Pulev, then I’ll fight for the vacant title.


FURY:Pulev’s just a big strong European fighter like all of them, like Helenius like Pianeta they’re all limited fighters, big strong Europeans. They train hard in the gym and they think that’s going to win them fights, but Pulev will get his face boxed off and stopped round about eight rounds.

I call them stiff European’s, I know I’m a big European as well, but I call them stiff European’s because they come out in straight lines and have a high guard and you can just punch holes in them really. We’ll see, we’ll see if what I say is true, I believe I’m too good for Cunningham I believe I’ll chop Pulev to bits.


FURY:I’m not interested in David Haye at all, he thinks he can have a play around in the jungle, have a year off, fight a journeyman in Dereck Chisora and come back an be mandatory for the title. If the WBC are going to let him (Haye) go fight for the title then let him do it, I’ve got no interest in fighting him, I’ve got Cunningham, Pulev, title. I’m not going to alter all my plans just so David Haye says yeah, I want the fight, let him go play somewhere else you know.

I’m not playing games its very serious for me, I’m putting my life at stake, I want to do things right, I’m two fights away from being mandatory for the IBF championship. Why would I then go and fight Joe Bloggs and give him a chance to beat me to take my slot. When I’m champion I can fight David Haye and the likes of those people. As far as I’m concerned I’ve got two fights and I’m going to be the heavyweight champion of the world.


FURY:Well, we’re all going to see if he can take a shot because I aint coming to New York to play games, I know that main event fights can tend to go opposite ways that they are not supposed to. I watched Malik Scott versus that Russian guy, whatever his name was, and I thought Malik Scott deserved the win and he got a draw, and the Adamek vs Cunningham, Cunningham lost and I thought he won, you know there’s a few dodgy decisions going on so I’m not coming there to look for no points decisions.

I’m the away fighter and I’m coming to the guys local, to where he lives, so there’s gonna be a lot of support there for Steve Cunningham but I’ll have a lot of support there as well. I’m out to impress the fans, my debut in America, a top young heavyweight like me should put his fist straight through Steve Cunningham if I’m any good.

If I’m of any use at all I’ll knock Steve Cunningham out, if I’m no good then I’ll lose simple. I’m not putting pressure on myself, I’m just saying it as it is. A six foot guy 250 lbs 24 years old and in the best shape of my life, if I cant beat someone like Cunningham, where am I going?

He’s half the size of me, half the weight of me he’s got half the chin I have and what else can I say, I should be beating guys like this if I’m gonna go on and be the super champion that I believe I’m going to be. I believe I’m gonna be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and take on all comers and nobody’s going to beat me, so if Cunningham can beat me then I’m not going to do that am I obviously.

***Special thanks to Ruben for his help to bring this article to boxing readers




This weeks show features boxing legend ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley talking about his upcoming bout with Pablo Cesar Cano and what his current goals are in boxing. Shane also gives his views on some of the recent events in the sport. Peter Quillin discusses his upcoming title fight with Fernando Guerrero. Haroon Khan, brother of boxing star Amir Khan talks about his upcoming pro debut and Jean Pascal talks about his May 25th bout with Lucian Bute.


This week I discuss some fights that are being rumored to be close to being made, such as Timothy Bradley vs. Juan Manuel Marquez, and the possibility of Manny Pacquiao now facing either Brandon Rios or Mike Alvarado. I also breakdown and give my predictions for all the big fights coming this weekend such as Judah/Garcia, Martinez/Macklin, Quillin/Guerrero, Khan/Diaz, Harrison/Wilder & Arreola/Stiverne.

***Special thanks goes out my friend Ruben for helping me to bring this article to the boxing readers.


Sergio Martinez “Maravilla” is riding high going into 2013, as last year saw him regain the WBC title belt with his thrilling fight against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. That fight brought Martinez on the edge of losing everything in the final round of a bout that almost saw a son, repeat the history of his great father. With Sergio coming through that fight, many wondered what was next for the middleweight Champion of the world. On the 185th edition of my radio show “On The Ropes” I had a chance to speak with Sergio about what is next for him, that being former world title challenger Martin Murray. Beside discussing his upcoming fight, I also spoke to Sergio about his fight with Chavez Jr. and the exciting final round that saw him on the canvas. Additionally Martinez shared his feelings on being in the crowd for Manny Pacquiao’s shocking knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez, and if he believes Pacquiao will ever be the same after such a defeat. Here is what Sergio had to say in Part 1 of my 2 part interview.


JENNA JAY:Sergio you are set to face Martin Murray April 27th in your home country of Argentina, how do you feel about this match up?

SERGIO MARTINEZ:I’m very excited, I’m very motivated, and the stadium in which I’m fighting there is going to be 50 to 60 thousand people, so that’s a very big reason to be motivated for a fight.

JENNA:What do you think of Martin Murray as an opponent?

MARTINEZ:He’s a very dangerous fighter, as he has a lot to gain, and not much to lose. He is strong, and he is your classic Englishman because he is going to fight every second of every round, so we respect him and he is a strong fighter and we know he is going to come to fight.

JENNA:You mentioned that you will be fighting in front of 50 to 60 thousand people. Do you think that extra pressure is a good thing or a bad thing?

MARTINEZ:It’s not at all pressure, on the contrary it is motivation. The more people I can have, the bigger the crowd, it makes me very very happy.

JENNA:Your last fight against Chavez Jr. was your highest profile match up to date. Can you talk a little bit about that fight and the final round you had that was interesting to say the least.

MARTINEZ:It was a great fight, an excellent fight. For those eleven rounds I stuck to my game plan and things got a little dramatic towards the end, but I was able to pick myself up from the ground and finish the fight and I was very happy to recover the belt that I never lost in the first place, I never lost that title, it was my belt and I never lost it in the ring, so I was happy to regain that championship.

JENNA:I talked to Naazim Richardson after that fight and he said that he asked you why you fought the way you did when Chavez hurt you, and you said ‘Because no other fighter would fight the way I did’ and my question to you is, why?

MARTINEZ:That’s the difference between a good champion and a super champion. Any other champion would of probably just wanted to survive, but a super champion gives everything in the ring and is willing to die in it.

JENNA:Sergio you were ringside not long ago for Manny Pacquiao’s bout against Juan Manuel Marquez. What were your thoughts when you saw Pacquiao knocked out the way he was?

MARTINEZ: First I’d like to acknowledge that Marquez is a great fighter, he is one of the greatest. At the same time it saddened me to see another fighter out like that, to see a man knocked out. It just brings the realization that it could happen to me one day. Anybody can get knocked out, but it just saddened me to see Manny laying out like that in the 6th round of their fight.

JENNA:Sergio it’s not often that we see an elite fighter knocked out in that way. I’m wondering if you think Manny Pacquiao will ever be the same after that, or if you think that type of knock out will forever change him. At the same time, we will advice you to have a look at https://www.casinoclic.com/Casinoclic.

MARTINEZ:It’s a shame what happened and I don’t believe no fighter can be the same after that type of a knockout, because it was so serious. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of mental preparation for Manny to comeback and be the same Manny. But even so, for him to be the person that he was before the knockout, he’s probably not going to be the same person because of how devastating it was.



JENNA J:Carl, a lot of people are anticipating your next fight, a unification match that’s going to take place over in the UK against Mikkel Kessler. The rematch, how do you feel about it?

CARL FROCH:Yeah, I’m very pleased the fight’s happening. It’s a massive fight for the boxing fans and for the non-boxing fans actually. It seems to have captured the public’s imagination. I mean, the tickets went on sale and they sold out within a few hours. I think it’s a 17,000 seat arena; the O2 in London. Sky pay per view are coming back to the forefront in boxing, which is great news for my fight and future fighters. So excited really underplays it, I’m ecstatic. It’s a chance for me to redeem myself as far as I’m concerned because Mikkel Kessler holds a win against me in my professional career and it was a very very close defeat out in Denmark and a fight which I feel I can win in a rematch. So I’m excited for myself, for the fans, it’s a chance for me to set the record straight and come close to securing my legacy before I decide to finally hang up the gloves.

JENNA:Alright, now it’s been 3 years since the last fight. What do you think has changed in you since last time you met in the ring?

FROCH:I think I’ve improved technically. I think my defence is better and even think my offence is better so there’s quite a lot of areas of my game I think I’ve improved on. Physically, I feel fitter and stronger and I will definitely be fitter and stronger than when I boxed him the first time because of the late complications with the travel details with the volcanic ash cloud. I mean, we flew in very very late. A couple of days, I think it was the day before the weigh in I actually flew in, which wasn’t ideal preparation. So this time as long as I’m 100% fit and on the ball, which I know I will be provided the training camp goes well, which I’m sure it will, then I don’t think Mikkel Kessler can live with me. Obviously he’s a big strong man. He’s a great fighter with bags of experience but the first fight was very very close and like I say I wasn’t firing on all cylinders in the first fight. So I’m confident that the rematch will only end in one way and that’s a victory for me.

JENNA:Okay, well, people sometimes argue that Mikkel Kessler may not be the fighter that he once was. He’s had, obviously, his eye problems. He’s had a lot of delays in his career. Do you think you’ll be facing the same fighter that you were facing 3 years ago?

FROCH:I think when I boxed Mikkel Kessler the first time he was very hungry because it was a fight where he’d just come off a loss against the geezer from America, erm, what’s his name? Ward. He lost to him so he had that fire in his belly. It was a fight for him at home in front of his home fans so I think he was maybe probably at his best when he fought me the first time. Has he got better? Has he improved or got worse? I don’t know, I think physically he’s probably the same. He’s 33 years old, he’s a couple of years younger than me, so he’s definitely peaking physically. Mentally? Who knows where he is. He beat Allan Green, he beat Brian Magee, he did what he had to do against decent level opposition but he’s not been boxing the top top elite level. So who knows whether he’s going to be better or worse? People always argue “oh maybe he’s on the slide. He’s past his best” but then you see people at 38-39 years old, Marquez, Manny Pacquiao. You see them late bloomers and they’re very rare. We’ll find out in the fight. People are going to say he’s past his best and then other people are going to say he’s physically in his peak so it’s a matter of opinion. Critics are there to criticize, I’m sure there will be a few people after I beat him saying “oh Mikkel Kessler is not what he used to be” but, you know, I’m not focusing on that.

I’m focusing on the fact that this is a superfight, it’s on Sky Box Office which is fantastic. The arena’s sold out so quick so it shows the interest in the fight. It’s a massive fight and it’s a real treat for everybody involved. So I’m really looking forward to the next fight. It’s about getting in the ring and doing the business. I’ve got a 12 week camp ahead of me. It’s going to be difficult, it’s gonna be a tough fight but one to certainly get excited about. One I feel I can win. So I’m not focusing on whether or not it’s the old Kessler or the new Kessler or “is he past his best?”, it’s a load of rubbish. That’s all it is, a load of rubbish talk.

JENNA:Well, Carl, you’ve got to a certain point in your career. Now people say that you’re the biggest draw in the UK, you get the biggest crowds, you have the biggest fan base, that you’re the biggest attraction. How do you feel about where you are right now?

FROCH:It’s brilliant, it’s humbling for me. I’m excited about the fact that I’m pound for pound the best fighter in Britain, I’m ranked as the most exciting fighter and I think this is one of the reasons, well definitely the reason, that Sky TV has decided to come back to Box office because it’s the only way these big fights can happen. Bringing Mikkel Kessler over to the UK, he’s going to demand paying well and it all involves, really, our superstars. Mikkel Kessler is a superstar in the sport. I’ve proved that I’ll fight anybody anywhere. I’ve lost fights, I’ve come back and won fights and I’m a 3 time world champion. So this is just a massive fight for everybody involved and exciting times for British boxing.

JENNA:Great, well Carl, one great thing about you in your career is that you’ve stayed relatively healthy. Same actually can’t be said about Andre Ward. He’s had a lot of injury problems, he’s had a lot of injury delays to his career. How important is it for you to kind of carry the super middleweight division? Because Andre Ward, he can’t seem to stay healthy enough to really carry it.

FROCH:Erm… I think injuries, it’s one of those things, your body develops. I mean I’ve had my fair share of injuries. I’ve broke my hand a couple of times, I’ve had 2 operations on my hand, I’ve torn my cruciate ligament in my knee, I’ve had that operated on. So I’ve had my fair share of injuries but, you know, shoulder injuries aren’t good. They’re career threatening injuries and I just think that Andre Ward will probably develop and toughen up as he gets through his pro career. He’s had plenty of fights but let’s just hope that Andre Ward isn’t totally finished with the shoulder injury.

I think there’s a new kid in town with this Broner, this Adrien Broner because Adrien Broner is very talented. I know we’re not talking about him, we’re talking about Ward but Broner seems to be taking over in the USA because he’s exciting. People wanna watch him, he puts bums on seats. So Andre Ward is in a bit of a bad position as far as I’m concerned. He’ll probably listen to this and think I’m having a go at him but I’m not. Oscar De La Hoya said it as well. Andre Ward needs to be more offensive, take more chances and be a little bit more exciting when he fights because he’ll put a glass eye to sleep. It’s as simple as that. People aren’t interested in watching his fights. So hopefully Andre Ward can come out of his injury and get himself fit and ready and fighting again. That’s down to him, nobody else in his team around him.

I’m fit, physically strong, physically capable. I’m a very tough hard man. So any injuries and I sort of get myself sorted out and I’ve not been injured, I’m touching wood at the minute, I’ve not been injured for a long time. I’ve been quite fit and healthy and my training’s adapted. I manage small injuries and I keep myself fit and strong. So hopefully the 12 week camp for the Kessler fight and I’ll remain injury free and put on another career best performance. I’ve had so many world title fights back to back against top level opposition, time and time again. I think my last 9 fights have been top top level fights, taking aside the Yusef Mack fight, that was a fight that made sense at the time after the Lucian Bute demolition. Injuries aside I think I’m in a good position and unfortunately for Andre Ward he needs to get himself back on the training program and hopefully get himself into rehab for his shoulder injuries. Is he back out? Has he started training yet? I don’t know I’ve not heard from him in a while.

JENNA:No, no, he hasn’t trained yet. He’s going to be out for I think another couple of months.

FROCH:Right, okay.

JENNA:Alright, well another thing I wanted to get your view on is actually a fighter that just appeared on the show before you came on and that’s Ricky Hatton. You know, he had a fight in November, he looked good for the first 5 and then obviously he got knocked out in the 9th. I’m just curious what are your reflections of Ricky Hatton as a fighter and now him moving forward to being a promoter full time?

FROCH:I think Ricky Hatton is a fantastic fighter. He’s exciting, he’s very tough, he’s durable, he means business when he gets in the ring. He’s not the most the most skilful fighter in the world but then neither am I but he makes up for that with toughness and endurance and stamina. I think what sort of finished him off was he had a couple of bad losses against Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. Again, let’s not forget, the best fighters in the world pound for pound the top fighters. So it’s no shame losing to them. Unfortunately he got knocked out quite bad in them fights, which is never a good sign towards the end of your career. But he did what he did, he had 3 years out of the ring and then he came back to fulfil that burning desire that he wanted to fight again, for himself, for his fans. He felt he had unfinished business. That’s why I just wished him luck and just hoped he didn’t get too badly injured if he was to lose. I thought he did himself proud.

He went 9, 10 rounds and was just physically exhausted. He showed himself and everybody else that to box at top level you’ve got to live the life. You’ve got to be an athlete all year round. He had 3 years out doing what he wanted and then come back into the sport trying to compete at top level, it just shows you that it’s physically impossible. I’m sure mentally he’s in a good place now, he’s come back and he’s had a go. He’s been a credit to the sport, he’s a credit to himself and the sport. Not many people could sell out arenas like he did and bring the excitement, put bums on seats. Ricky Hatton will be remembered as a legend in the sport. He’s done himself and the sport of boxing proud, as I’ve said, and I’m proud to have known him. I think he’s done the right thing with retiring. He’s had a long old career, he’s fought plenty of fights and he’s had a successful career so good luck to him. I hope he has a happy and healthy retirement.


It’s been just over 3 months since 34 year old Ricky Hatton decided to retire from the sport following a 9th round knockout loss to former world champion Vyacheslav Senchenko. The bout saw the former light welterweight champion of the world have his moments early and also showing signs of rust from the 3 year lay off following his KO loss to Manny Pacquiao. During the 186th edition of “On The Ropes” I had a chance to discuss with Ricky his decision to retire from the sport once again, and why he feels he can finally let it go at this point in his life. Ricky also talked about Hatton promotions, training boxers and the upcoming April 27th title shot his boxer Martin Murray has against Sergio Martinez. In addition, “The Hitman” gave his thoughts on the current boxing scene, discussing Amir Khan, Carl Froch, Manny Pacquiao and much much more! Here is what Ricky Hatton had to say.

JENNA JAY:You have had a few months to reflect on your performance; what are your thoughts on your come back?

RICKY HATTON:It was something that I very much needed to do. I am glad I’ve done it, I feel like I can retire with a happy frame of mind, to be honest with you. You know I spent 3 ½ years of my life in a very bad place, I really suffered from the defeats from Mayweather and Pacquiao, and my other personal problems. I was sad, and I was sitting on my back side, thinking for 3 ½ years if I’ve still got it, can I really do it? Can I make a comeback? I made a comeback, and I found out that I haven’t got it any more, and that wasn’t such a bad thing. Yeah I would have liked to have come back and won the fight. Yeah I would have liked to have come back and won another title, but the main thing about the whole performance was about redeeming myself, because I felt like I let down a lot of people, with how behaved in my personal life. I’d like to think, that even though the result wasn’t what I wanted, a lot of people tip there hat to me and say “fair play you gave it go”. So I can go into retirement as a promoter and a boxing trainer rather than a fighter , and I feel really content.

Ricky, you said you feel after that fight that you don’t ‘have it anymore’; what is it about your performance that makes you feel that way; Like, the first five rounds, you did better than a lot of people expected you to, and you lost to a guy who was a top rated guy at 147. What makes you feel that you don’t have it any more?

HATTON:Well, in typical Ricky Hatton fashion, I’ve never been shy of fighting the best, and my team advised me to pick an easy one for my first fight, but that’s not in my nature. I wanted to find out if I had it at world level. When you see the videos and you speak to former champions that are saying you can look great in the ring, you can look great in the gym, you can look great in sparring, you can look great in training, but the minute you get in that ring, and do the actual fighting, and the bell goes, I knew from 2 or 3 rounds onwards,that I just didn’t have it anymore, I am flattered that people are saying I looked pretty good for the 1st 5 rounds, but a fighter knows, his capabilities, what’s he’s done previously and in the past, and you know my timing wasn’t there, my shots are just flat, I couldn’t get quite out of the way of the counter hook, my feet weren’t there where it should be, I found that when I was in the 2nd round and said to myself, ‘come on lad, you just have to suck it up there now, and get try to get the win’, and I just knew instinctively it just wasn’t there, but I gave it a go.

JENNA:A lot of people are wondering if you’re going to make a return to the ring. I know you are saying that you’re retired, but what makes you think that you will not return, after you know you did alright, and people still think you can beat someone like Paulie Malignaggi?

HATTON:Well, to be honest with you, I think looking back if I did took maybe an easier fight, as much as saying that I hadn’t there, but there was bound to be a little ring rust, after such a period of time. I made the comeback for one thing only and for one thing only, and that was to make people proud of me again. What happened in my personal life, I felt like I let people so many people down, and I wanted to come back and make people proud of me again. I was depressed, I was suicidal. You know I was walking around over the 200 pound mark. I was absolutely massive, and I got all that weight down, and I picked up a real dangerous world ranked opponent and it didn’t come out. But after the fight, everyone was saying ‘Wow you got to give credit where credit it’s due, you got to tip your hat off to Ricky there, he didn’t pick an easy one, and everything he’s gone though gone through in his personal life, he got all them walls, and it didn’t end well, but we’re all proud of him and that was enough from him’, and that’s all I wanted from the come back, and I got exactly what I wanted.

JENNA:Now that you’re retired, and you can focus more on your promoting and training, do you believe that you can continue to live a healthy life, now that boxing is completely out of your life, in terms of fighting?

Absolutely! I think that the one thing that my comeback has made me do is it’s made me content with myself, and with my life. My life really went off the rail to be honest, because I didn’t want to retire, I felt like I still had it. Well, now that I’ve tried, and I haven’t got it, I can go on with my life and be content. Everybody wants to say it’s over, but sometimes we need a little bit of ass kicking, that it isn’t there anymore. Realising that, I feel like I am a better father, I am a better partner, I am better trainer, and I am going to the gym training my fighters, I am learning more about their careers, instead of thinking to myself, well I can still give it one more go, I can’t now. My career ended on a high note, even though it ended in defeat, that’s how I really feel, but I am now a father again, I have another on the way, and life is really, really good now. I won’t make a comeback and risk that again, and I am happy, I got what I want from boxing, and my next thing from a promoters point of view or a trainers point of view, will be to come over to the U.S. and also make Britain proud again.

JENNA:Lets talk about your promoting company, Hatton’s promotions, can you tell the fans out there about some of the fighters in your stable, and some of the promotions that are coming up.

HATTON:Well I got Martin Murray, who is challenging Sergio Martinez for the Middleweight title in Argentina, in April. Martin Murray’s undefeated, he fought Felix Sturm in Germany for the world title and he got a draw, which a lot of people thought it’s hard done too. I mean if you get a draw in Germany that pretty much tells you the story, but he’s fighting the best Middleweight in the world so we’re looking forward to doing that. I also train European Light Middleweight champion Sergey Rabchenko. He is also the WBC Silver champion, and he is also ranked pretty high by the WBC now, so he’s close at a possible shot at Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. I also have Scott Quigg WBA interim champion at super bantamweight, there is big talk about him for a big domestic match with Carl Frampton who just won the European title. So I have an army of full stables, I got Gary Brooklyn, I got Martin Murray British Champion, Scott Quigg British Champion, I got a real, real strong stable now, the names might not be in everyone’s lips in the United States, but they have world rankings, and hopefully you will be hearing about them over there.

JENNA:Now you mentioned Martin Murray, he actually appeared earlier on the show discussing his fight with Sergio Martinez, and I wanted to get your views on that match, a lot of people are not giving him any chance at all, when I talked to Sergio Martinez he said, look Martin Murray is a dangerous opponent, whose got nothing to lose in this match, how do you see this fight?

HATTON:Well you know he is an underdog and rightly so, we know that, but I think when Matthew Macklin, when he boxed him, he did pretty good against Sergio Martinez. And Darren Barker also did, a middleweight rival from the UK, who did pretty well against him as well. I think Martin Murray is better than the other two. One thing is that Sergio is a wonderful champion, and we are the underdog, but every good champions reign has to come to an end soon or later. Some young gun who ends coming up and getting upset, and the opening is maybe coming up at the right time for Martin Murray. He is confident, he is not sacred of going over there. He is young, he is full of bean, as we say in England. Martinez is 37 years of age I think, he was holding for dear life in the last round against Julio Cesar Chavez, and I am very confident that Martin would of beaten Chavez Jr. and so it might be just the right fight at the right time, but it will one of the greatest win of any Brit, because he is going to Argentina, and he has to do it in front of 40,000 Argentineans. Against someone who is number 3 Pound for Pound in the world. It would be a great achievement, but you know, hopefully it’s the right fight at the right time.

JENNA:Well I wanted to get your views on the British boxing scene and some of the stars that are currently out there. Amir Khan recently made some headlines, because he said that he wanted to fight Vyacheslav Senchenko to avenge your defeat. What do you think of Amir Khan trying to pursue this?

HATTON:Well I think it would be a good fight for Amir to be honest with you. I mean if anybody can say, and remembers the Senchenko fight against Paulie Malignaggi, Malignaggi doesn’t stand in front of you, he moves he throws hand speed, he’s got lots of lateral movement, and this type of style beats Senchenko. Which obviously I didn’t have. My style is obviously jump down the throat, really attack go for the body, and stuff like that. It depends which Amir Khan turns up. If the Senchenko fight comes up, you know Amir Khan has good hand speed, he’s got good movement, wonderful boxing abilities but sometimes he can’t help but get involved and have a fight. But I think if he comes and boxes a fight stylistically similar to what Malignaggi did against Senchenko, I think it’s a comfortable fight for him. But if he stands there, and trades like the way he did with Garcia, like the way he did with that other gentleman that knocked him out, it would be a difficult fight. But styles make fights, but if Amir Khan comes with his hand speed and his movement, and he stuck to that game plan, I think it’s a good fight for Amir.

JENNA:The other British fighter I want to ask you about is Carl Froch. He is having a rematch with Mikkel Kessler, and according to most this will be the biggest fight in the UK for 2013. What are your views on this fight happening.

HATTON:It’s a very tough fight. He is the only man to beat Carl Froch in the last few years in a very close fight, a very good fight, one of the fights of the year. Very excited about it in England, it can come quicker. One thing about Carl Froch is he will always be remembered that he never got his chance to fight Joe Calazghe, and one thing everyone respects about Carl Froch is that he fights all comers. He boxed in the Super Middleweight tournament, the Super Six, he boxed in that. The amount of number #1 contenders and former world champions and current world champions that he’s fought in consecutive fights, you have to tip your hat to him. He is a real throw back, and the fight with Kessler will be a good one, a 50/50 fight, and hopefully the winner of that one with fight Andre Ward, and set up a rematch there.

JENNA:Ricky, I just have a couple of more questions for you before I let you off the line. Manny Pacquiao had a shocking defeat at the end of 2012, and yourself having had a devastating KO loss to Pacquiao, I want to know what you think will be the hardest thing for Pacquiao to overcome being knocked out that way.

HATTON:Well you know it was very upsetting for me to see that fight. When I got knocked cold by Manny I know how hard it was for my girlfriend and my family to see me in that manner, and as soon I saw Manny like my heart went out to his family. It’s never nice to see but I think Manny should retire now, everyone has their own reasons, just like I had my reasons for making a come back, and Manny may have his own reasons why he wants to continue fighting. As an outsider I would like to see him retire, there‘s nothing more he can do. He is like 8 weight world champion, which is absolutely phenomenal, but I think his second to last fight with Marquez, he didn’t look great, there was a question mark about the decision there. He fought Timothy Bradley, which he didn’t look great and he lost, but I thought he beat Timothy Bradley, and now that he got KO’d by Marquez in his last fight, the writing seems to be on the wall. You just see his performances, he went from being so brutal and destructive, with wins against myself, Cotto and Margarito, to just not looking as the same fighter now. Generally that seems to be that the writing is on the wall, but I am sure a lot of people were saying that about me when I made my comeback and we all have our own reasons, and I am sure Manny has them. As a boxing fan, a Manny Pacquiao fan I wouldn’t like to see him get KO like that, I think his last few performances haven’t been that great, and I can’t see the performance is improving from here. But you never know with Manny Pacquiao, he is a living legend and he could come back and prove me wrong.

JENNA:Ok Ricky, I would like to get your view on Hatton promotions for 2013, and boxing health for 2013.

HATTON:Well you know it’s shame that Mayweather and Pacquiao didn’t get the fight on. I always wanted to fight the best, and when I won the title against Kosta Tyzsu he was #2 Pound for Pound in the world and the best in the division, even though I never was a really been a Welterweight I wanted to fight the best pound for pound in Floyd, and I tried and failed, and then I wanted to fight Manny Pacquiao. So it’s a shame that Floyd and Manny Pacquiao never took place, and it probably wont take place. If it did take place it lost it’s spark a little bit with Manny losing. But I would like for 2013 for the best fighters in the division to all fight each other, I mean that’s why we put the runs in the first place, to prove that we’re the best. The champions should fight each other and prove who’s the best in the division, and I have stable of fighters in Hatton’s promotions that are just in the brink of world titles that you won’t have heard of in the U.S. at the minute, but couple of wins, and you could see Hatton promotion in the U.S. very soon. That will be my next aim, to bring the fighters fighting for the world title in either Las Vegas or New York or something like that and to do the country proud and boxing proud, like the way I think I did in my career.

JENNA:Final question to you Ricky, you brought crowds in like no one has ever seen throughout your boxing career, is there any message you would like to pass along to all the fans out there that support you.

HATTON:You know I am very proud of the support I got when I went to the U.S. not just from the British fans. It was well documented of how much support I had from British fans, traveling all over to the U.S. and to Las Vegas, and I still have an army load of supporters from the U.S. I would like to thank them for their support, I had some wonderful times in the U.S. and I would like to think that everyone in the U.S. knew me as a fighter who laid it all out wore his heart in his sleeve. Hopefully it won’t be too long before as a trainer or a promoter I’m performing again in your country and I look forward to that date.


JENNA JAY:First thing Tim, you had a heck of a fight last Saturday, how are you feeling today?

TIMOTHY BRADLEY:Each day I’m getting better and better and a little stronger. The day after the fight I was real sore, but every day I’m getting my strength back. I’m feeling better and I can’t wait to get back training again.

JENNA:Tim you said after the fight that you believed that you had a concussion, did you have yourself all checked out and what did they find?

BRADLEY:I had a CT scan, and I’m not sure if you can tell if you had a concussion looking at one of those, but one of the doctors said I didn’t have a concussion and another said I did. I’ve had several concussions during my years of boxing so I know when I’m a little bit out of it. I don’t know what happened in the fight, I pretty much had to go and review the film, and there was some point where I was like “I did not even know I did that” Particularly in the 6th round, I did not know that I sat against the ropes and exchanged with him, and afterwards I’m standing in my corner yelling at him, I don’t know what I said, but I don’t recall doing that at all. So I took some big punches in the fight and it comes with the territory. Ruslan was a big big puncher and I took some big shots during the fight and you got to pay the price for that.

In the second round of that fight, you were firing shots while you were out on your feet. How do you think you managed to get out of that round?

BRADLEY:Honestly, I’m not even sure how I survived that round. When I looked at it on tape I was like “Wow that’s bad” I’ve always said, if I’m going to go out, I’m going to go out swinging. For some reason I was out exchanging with this guy. I guess I was trying to take him out, to set the bar high and basically prove myself to everyone that I’m a true fighter, that I earn every win I get and show something different. The game plan was to box. That was the whole game plan all camp. But for some reason I wanted to trade with this guy and it was the worst thing I could do cause he’s a big puncher and he timed me very well. But with my will to win and determination, it’s going to take a guy to really hurt me in the ring or kill me, cause I’m not going to do down without a fight at all.

JENNA:Well besides a moment in the sixth round, you boxed pretty well during the fight until the final round where you ran into some trouble. What was the plan going into the final round?

The plan was to stay away from him in the last round. I was winning the fight according to my trainers, and they wanted me to box him. I was tired! I mean I can run around as long as I possibly can, but I was exhausted. My legs were gone and my head was not all there, I was basically going on auto pilot. I started exchanging with him in the last round, I was getting the best of him and then all of a sudden I get clipped, I staggered back. At that point he was landing some big shots back to back, back to back and I’m like oh man, if I don’t take this knee this guy might catch me and I might go out completely. I took that knee when he started to bring on that pressure so I could recover, and once I took that knee I basically survived that round.

Let’s talk about the decision, were you worried that it may not go your way cause of how the final round went?

BRADLEY:Nah, I knew I was going to get the decision. I talked to my trainer after the fight and he was like, you are way ahead on the cards and I talked to a few other people and they were like you won this fight without a doubt. I felt I did enough during the middle rounds to build a lead on the score cards and we ended up winning the fight by one point, which was great. I felt like this fight was a new beginning for me. I felt I was finally able to show people what I was made of. I needed the right guy, the right fight and Provodnikov was a tough, tough guy and I got a little bit out of my element trying to knock this guy out. I did not follow the game plan and for whatever reason why I didn’t, it made for one hell of a fight and I’m happy the fans enjoyed it, I’m happy that it was a great night for boxing. This is what we get paid to do, we get paid to entertain and that was definitely an entertaining fight and I’m just happy to be a part of it and Ruslan should be happy as well.

JENNA:Tim, people have been wondering about one thing regarding this fight. You had to drop 40lbs in the training camp for this, and in the fight it seemed that every punch you were hit with, hurt you. Do you think the weight loss effected your ability to take shots in this fight?

Yeah, without a doubt. Losing that weight those 2 months, 43 pounds in 2 months was too terrible. It was a tough tough training camp, and a majority of the training camp was spent on technique and losing weight. It was hard, I’m not going to lie. I’m going to be 30, and I was 40lbs over weight for like 8 months, so the weight was just like stuck on. I remember being stressed out the last 2 weeks of training camp, I was like 163lbs, 20 pounds overweight. That last 2 weeks of training camp was hard, I had to switch up everything. I had to switch up my diet, I had to take in smaller calories and had to up my protein to get the water out. I had to do what I had to do. I had lost 10 pounds like in a week and the week of the fight I had to lose like another 7.

I knew I was going to have problems taking a shot before I even got in the ring. I knew right away. My wife the night before, we talked and I said “this fight is going to be ugly” she knew, because of the weight. I said I was going to win the fight, but it was going to be an ugly fight. The weight and the diet change definitely was the reason I probably could not take a shot. I took a shot from Pacquiao, I was able to take it no problem, but I was completely hydrated, I was not depleted. It was a tough tough training camp, 2 months to drop 43lbs, especially getting ready for a fight, that’s just rough.

JENNA:Tim, a lot of people are wondering what’s next for you after this fight. Do you want to fight Ruslan Provodnikov again or do you want to take on somebody different like Juan Manuel Marquez?

BRADLEY:I don’t really care, at this point I really don’t care who I fight, I just want to fight the best out there. Fighting Ruslan again, it’s all up to my promoter, him and my manager, I have the last say but if that’s something that interests them and they wanna do it again and they think it will do good numbers and sell really good then why not? We’ll do it again, I don’t have a problem, but I’ll tell you this much, the second time around wont be like the first, at all. Ruslan will be the same fighter, he’ll come forward, he’ll probably will be a little bit more aggressive, he knows he has to be in better shape because I come in tremendous shape. But the thing is, I’m not gonna stand there and fight him, I’m just going to out box him now. So the second time around the fight wont even be interesting anymore because when I boxed him, it was easy, it was completely easy. It’s just when I stood there at certain times with him and exchanged with him, that’s when I got hurt. So if I just box, and I will. I will just outbox him, cause I wouldn’t be stupid the second time around, and it wouldn’t even be a competitive fight.

JENNA:Alright, well I actually had the chance to talk with Ruslan Provodnikov before I talked to you on the phone and he said, after a fight like that he wonders whether or not you’ll be the same in your next fight, and I have to wonder from your perspective, do you think this type of fight makes you stronger going into your next bout or do you think it takes something out of you?

BRADLEY:This fight definitely took something out of me, without a doubt. Fights like this take something out of you, but the thing is I showed my heart, I showed what I’m about and nothing’s gonna stop me, nothing’s gonna stop me from doing what I need to do. I’m willing to die in the ring to get that victory. Regardless of what anybody thinks, I’m gonna come back the same, hungry, determined and ready to win, like always. So people can say I wont be the same yada yada yada, we gotta wait and see because I’m not gonna be scared to throw shots, I’m not gonna be shell shocked because Ruslan Provodnikov hit me hard, this is the hurt business, it’s the business that we’re in. If you’re scared to be in the kitchen then get out, and I’m not scared, I’m not scared at all. Whoever I fight, they’re going to be in for it, it doesn’t really matter who I fight. I’m at a point in my career that I’ve already accomplished a lot of goals, I’ve done a lot in my career and there’s no point of me now of picking and choosing. Anybody that makes sense, lets do it, why not? So I’m taking on all comers, whoever they say, bring it on, I don’t care.

JENNA:Well if a rematch does not happen, the bout people would most like to see, would be a fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. How natural is that fight at this point?

BRADLEY:I don’t know, I said I’d fight anybody. If Marquez wants to do it, we can do it. It’s not up to me, cause I’m going to say yeah. I’m going to say sure, let’s do it. It’s not up to me, it’s up to them. Right at this moment Marquez is eye balling a Pacquiao rematch, more money, yada yada yada whatever. I guess they got unfinished business, so definitely he’s going to be eye balling that. But I know one thing, I’m not waiting for Marquez to make a decision. I’m doing my own thing, so if he wants to wait it out and do this and do that, he can be my guest. But I’m going on with my plan and my plan only and if he wants to be part of my plan he needs to go with my plan. Period.

JENNA:Tim, how soon do you think we could actually see you back in a boxing ring?

BRADLEY:Maybe about 4 or 5 months at the latest. I’m going to rest this week and then I’m going to see a specialist out in Vegas. After I see the specialist, then I will be able to make my decision based on what that specialist tells me.

JENNA:Final question Tim. After the fight you had, you gained so many new fans. What does it mean to have this new found support in you career.

BRADLEY:It just mean a lot to me, and this is what I have been working for my whole career. A lot of new fans have definitely come on board and it’s good for me, it’s good for business and I just hope that they continue to follow me and I was just glad I was able to inspire them.

***Special thanks goes out my friend Ruben for helping me to bring this article to the boxing readers.



JENNA JAY:George you are making your return to commentating this Saturday night, and you will again be working with Larry Merchant. How did this opportunity come about?

GEORGE FOREMAN:It’s strange because Bob Arum, of course is in promotion, and I decided to get with him, and start trying to get back into the promotion business myself and one of the shows he’s putting on he thought was very attractive and he said “hey why not reunite Larry Merchant and George Foreman,” and it sounds funny at first and all of a sudden I realized it would be something unique and that’s what happened.

JENNA:What have you missed most about commentating on HBO?

FOREMAN:Broadcasting was real good to me, because I didn’t realize I was enjoying it, until I realized it was a job and I said you know that’s the reason I went into boxing, because I didn’t want to have a job, but after 13 years I realized, man I’m punching in like everybody else, so that’s the part of the reason why I left boxing, but I did miss the camaraderie and meeting Jim Lampley and Larry Merchant and getting ready for pre-fights and all of those things, I missed that, I really did.

JENNA:The card you will be calling is in Macau, China. What do you think of the fights that will be part of the telecast?

FOREMAN:I think it’s really good, all of a sudden you just got that international flavor. Very seldom you can take fighters who are not genuinely big heavyweights and take them to the far-far part of the world like that and then say look this is an evenly matched bout and punchers and it’s gotten everything to keep the audience glued to the seat.

The main event features flyweight world champion Brian “hawaiian punch” Viloria defending his title belts. What do you think of the fight Viloria has in front of him?

FOREMAN:It’s an even match, but he’s going to be have be careful, because he is in with a puncher, and of course he can slug too, but somebody who can box and elude and can punch can cause a lot of trouble. I really admire both fighters.

JENNA:On the card you’re calling we are going to see the debut of former Gold medalist Zou Shiming. You yourself won gold in the Olympics and turned pro, what is that transition like?

FOREMAN:That’s probably the most prized profession a boxer can get as an amateur is an Olympic medal to even appear in the Olympics, so once you do that and you’re introduced and everybody knows you as that, a fighter decides if I beat him, I got international recognition in the 1st bout, so it’s going to be exciting for him and pretty scary, because for the first time he’s got a chance of losing everything he’s worked hard for.

JENNA:Shiming is working with Freddie Roach already and I’m wondering if you think having a trainer that is so highly regarded adds extra pressure on him?

FOREMAN:I think he’s got too much pressure on him because you got that Olympic identification now you got Freddie Roach people expecting too much, and I don’t like boxers to have that much pressure, but he’s got it, and he’s going to have to deal with it, it’s a lot of pressure no doubt about it.

JENNA:What’s the biggest change going from amateur boxing, to the professionals?

FOREMAN:The most change is the number of rounds you move from the amateur and then in professional they got so many rounds and you’re in there with slick pros who’ve seen it all and they know how to beat you. They understand it doesn’t happen in 1st or 2nd rounds sometimes they just get you in the 3rd or 4th round that’s the big difference, you’ve got to be totally prepared.

JENNA:Alright, well I want to change things now to the current scene of boxing, and get your thoughts on the biggest change that happened in the last few months. Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez, and people still talk about the impact they think that will have on his career. You having suffered a devastating defeat at the peak of your career, how do you think Pacquiao will handle coming back from this loss?

FOREMAN:The one thing about it is, if you get defeated, especially by a knock-out, it’s a physical thing that happens to you, not a whole lot of psychological disadvantages but physically you’ve got to heal inside. Pacquiao is well trained he is always in good condition, so the healing process is sped because of that. But like I said I was shamed in Africa, and I came back 22 years later to be the heavyweight champion of the world. But I actually came back and made number 1 contender even 2 years after I lost, so all the odds are in his favor to become champion again.

JENNA:What do you think Pacquiao will accomplish when he does comeback?

FOREMAN:I think that he has a goal now to get that title, walk around the ring with that belt and travel back to his country and make everybody so happy and proud of him. Then there is nothing else to achieve, one thing the bad thing about us boxers and ex-boxers is we always over stay our welcome in this sport.

JENNA:George, you once said that Pacquiao does not need Mayweather in his life. Do you still think that, and if Pacquiao does win another title and is offered a Mayweather fight, do you think he should take it?

FOREMAN:Not at all, and I think he should just go back and forget about all of his past opponents forget about all of his let downs, and go back and decide, look I want to be the champion of the world again, without any name or any opponent or preconception of any opponent. Go back and win the title, because his legacy will not be decided on a name of his opponent, but on his accomplishment. Forget about everybody and get that title. Make your friends and family proud and walk away from the sport.

JENNA:Let’s turn things to another popular Filipino boxer, that being Nonito Donaire. What are your thoughts on him?

FOREMAN:Donaire is a great fighter, he’s already proven that he can get in the ring with the best of them, no more uphill battles now all he has to do is stay in shape and his time is perfect and they got nothing but title matches in front of him-and wins. He is one of the best out there.


Haroon Khan, aka Harry Khan makes his professional boxing debut tonight against Brett Fideo (1-2 1KO) at the Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom. It’s not often a 0-0 boxer carries high expectations, but when your big brother is none other then former unified light welterweight champion Amir Khan there is bound to be extra pressure. On the 189th edition of “On The Ropes” I had a chance to speak with Harry and get his thoughts about the start of his pro boxing career. Harry touched on how he found his way into the sport and discussed the challenge of having to step out of his brothers shadow and create his own path in boxing. Additionally he talked about his brothers upcoming fight and what things he can learn from Amir’s career that he can use going forward in his own. Here is what Haroon Khan had to say.

Jenna J: How are you?

Haroon Khan: I’m good, just looking forward to my pro debut which is happening on Saturday evening.

Jenna: You just mentioned it there; you are making your pro debut. As many people know, you are the brother of Amir Khan. How do you feel about finally stepping into the pro ring?

Khan: I think it’s nigh time to have come around. I’ve spent 13 years in the amateur game, and I’ve enjoyed every bit of my amateur career and I think it’s time to move up a level and fight in the professional game.

Jenna: What do you think will have to be the biggest adjustment to make from turning from amateur to professional?

Khan: I think having a larger crowd, and fighting with no head guard, and no vest . So it’s going to be a big difference from the amateur game, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been training at a professional boxing gym in Manchester for almost 3-4 months and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. I just can’t wait to get in the ring now.

Jenna: Haroon, obviously you have a lot of expectations on you because of who your brother is, how do you take that into the ring and use it to your advantage, knowing a lot of people will be watching you?

Khan: It’s going to be more pressure than advantage to be honest, just because we all know what Amir (Khan) is capable of, and they all might expect the same. I’m sure the talent is there to become what Amir has achieved. Even if I achieve half of what Amir has achieved, I’ll be happy, but I’m sure that I can go all the way and be a world champion.

Jenna: You’re making your debut at 21, Amir actually made his debut a little earlier. Do you think your extra time in the amateurs is going to help you?

Khan: It’s going to be a big help, now that I can say I’m fully mature. I’ve grown up, I’m strong and I’m a man now, when I was in the amateurs, I was a kid. I was making mistake after mistake. This is the time to use all the mistakes I’ve made, and adjust it all and show what I’ve got in the professional game.

Jenna: For all the fans that are hearing you for the first time, can you tell them a little bit about how you got into the sport of boxing?

Khan: I was into soccer at the age of 6/7, and when I was 8, my club got shut down. While I was going around looking for a new club, I used to go to the gym just to watch Amir train. While I was there, I used to put on the gloves and punch the boxing bags, just have a knock about in the gym, and since then I enjoyed the sport. I thought to myself, this is the career I’m going to take in the long run.

Jenna: What point did you come to that decision that “this is my career”? How long do you have to to box to say “this is what I want to do for the rest of my life”?

Khan: I was training at the gym for around 3 years, and then the amateur coach said “Look, you’ve got good ability to become a boxer”, and that encouraged me even more, I thought if Amir’s boxing coach is saying that to me, there must be something there. I did take it on, and my amateur career has been successful.

Jenna: Who do you see winning in the fight between two of Amir’s previous opponents, Danny Garcia and Zab Judah?

Khan: It’s going to be a good fight, Amir has fought both of them. We all know that Danny Garcia struggles with speed, which Zab Judah has got. It’s going to be a big fight, and a tough fight for both Danny Garcia and Zab Judah. I think if Judah can put on the pressure on Garcia, then I don’t think Garcia will have a chance. All Judah has to keep aware of is Garcia’s left hook.

Jenna: I want to talk about fighting brothers. Brothers who have gone on to win championships, and rule as champions while both are still active Marquez (Rafael/Juan Manuel), Klitschko (Vitali/Wladimir). Do you think if you can attain a championship, and your brother can attain a championship, will you do it at the same time?

Khan: Yeah, definitely. That’s my dream, that both of us brothers – it doesn’t have to be in the same weight category, but I’m sure at one point of our careers, we’ll both be world champions

Jenna: Alright, let’s talk about prediction time! What do you predict for your debut, this coming Saturday night?

Khan: I’m going to predict a win. I’m going to walk out of that ring with my hand up. I won’t say how, if you go looking for a knock out, the knock out will never come. If you stick to the game plan, the knock out will come. I’ve trained so hard, that I can’t see this fight going the distance.

Jenna: As you’re fighting for the first time, and for the fans that may not get a chance to watch this, can you describe your fighting style?

Khan: I’m different from Amir, Amir is more of a boxer, he’s got fast hands, he’s more slick. Whereas myself, I like to get into a fight now and again, I’m more of a power puncher, I like to get inside to the body. I’m more flat footed. The good thing about me is, I can adapt my style, if the opponent wants to trade fight, I can trade punches, if he wants to move around, I can move around.

Jenna: Amir Khan, he’s had some losses, he’s been knocked out in certain fights. When you look at his defeats, what can you learn from them?

Khan: We’ve learnt a lot, we’ve all sat down as a team and really tried not to make the same mistakes. He got knocked out in the Prescott fight, he went on and became a world champion, he got defeated against Peterson, which we all thought that Amir won that fight. Then the Garcia knockout. Since then when Amir fought Carlos Molina, he has a new trainer, Virgil Hunter, he was a different fighter that night. I think we’re not going to make the same mistakes, he goes out there trying to prove a point. You don’t have to prove a point, if you get caught clean, you lift yourself up saying ‘You got caught, and you’re not going to make the same mistake again’. There’s no point of trading punches.

Jenna: One final question, you got a lot of fans out there, seeing you for the first time. Any message you want to pass on to them?

Khan: Keep an eye out, it’s my time to shine. You’re going to see another Khan on the block, and hopefully there will be two Khan’s as champions in their career!

*Special thanks goes out to Jay of Checkhookboxing.com for his help to bring this interview to boxing readers*